As Byron Bay locals…

We were concerned about the future we were inheriting, the values we are adopting and the health and nutrition available to us. Developing our drink to not only nourish, but also to share the value of supporting our community whilst being ethically sourced is very important to us. We modelled this philosophy within our business, where our drink has been developed based on the healing properties of ginger.

well known

Soon, this ginger drink became one of our most popular items, with several stores in the Byron Bay area stocking the drink.

Demand for our Necktar grew organically, growing into a business supporting local farmers and employees and nourishing the bodies of visitors and locals alike. Most importantly, we have hopefully shown the public a way of honouring the health and wellbeing of our community by providing a product that was natural, simple and refreshing.

Ginger Necktar is now sold throughout the Eastern seaboard

But it is by no stretch a listed company headed by faceless corporates. Bottles are not filled on robotic conveyor belts and the original ingredients are not processed or heat treated. This is a business where the product is paramount: ingredients are sustainably sourced and treated with love. In this way, the focus is always on freshness and quality, not quantity and saturation.

In remaining focussed on providing a product that is healthy, handmade and fresh, we have achieved more than simply giving people something nutritious to drink. We developed Ginger Necktar into a handmade Byron Bay icon, one whose values of good vibes and natural living are delivered in every sip with a delicious kick of ginger.

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