Ginger Necktar has perfected the balance between taste, health and nature.

Not only are ingredients locally sourced, the juice is handmade without the use of infra-red and heat treatments or preservatives. This truly bespoke wonder beverage is both simple and refreshing. Don’t reach for a mass-produced drink to re-energise after a big day at school or work; show your body some love!

The Original Ginger Necktar

The most popular line, flavoured with lemon, honey for a touch of sweetness and of course a big punch of ginger. Perfect for those who like big flavour and a refreshing taste or those in need of settling an upset tummy, you can indulge in this drink without feeling the weight of processed sugars or chemical nasties.

Available in 375ml, 1litre and 2litre.

Ginger & Cranberry Necktar

Still has that gingery zing, but is tempered with freshly juiced cranberries for a milder taste. This is perfect for those who want to ease into the health benefits of ginger, without being overwhelmed with herby punch.

Available in 375ml, 1litre and 2litre.

Ginger Blast

Well, its basically a double strength Ginger Necktar giving you a kick of Ginger to get you started for those who think that too much ginger is never enough… And we know there are a few of you!

We also added just enough extra honey and lemon to balance the flavours, we don’t want to get too carried away now do we!?

Available in 300ml.

Our drinks are not mass produced, they are hand made from the freshest natural ingredients, which means they are not only naturally refreshing, but they are also good for you. If you would like to know how we make them, head over to our Ingredients page.
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