The Ginger Necktar Process

The best drinks are those made with unreserved passion and a clear understanding of what tastes good, something we here at Ginger Necktar have managed to do over decades of supplying the Byron Bay area with healthy, refreshing beverages. Fresh, raw and unprocessed, the ingredients in Ginger Necktar drinks are inspected for quality and freshness before being juiced, mixed and bottled by hand in their purpose built factory in Byron Bay.

Creating juice this fresh

WITHOUT the use of preservatives, infra-red or heat treatments, means the Ginger Necktar range is best consumed within 4 weeks of manufacture. This long shelf life is achieved through the synergy present within each ingredient’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

To further maintain optimal freshness, each bottle of Ginger Necktar is juiced, mixed and bottled by hand in individual batches within each working day. There are no mindless conveyor belts here; just local people pouring hard work and passion into their product. This creates the best of both worlds: a product the Bay loves and a drink the team at Ginger Necktar love to produce.

Our ingredients


An ageless super food, ginger has been used for centuries to combat nausea, alleviating morning and travel sickness, fortifying against the common cold as well as assisting in the general health and wellbeing of people around the globe. Contained in most health supplements available over the counter, ginger is not just a healing agent, but has one other amazing attribute: it tastes great!

Sourced direct from local farms, ginger root is used in all Ginger Necktar drinks and is first soaked before being cold pressed. This traditional method allows for a more natural flavour to be extracted while delivering optimal health benefits.


Getting the kids to eat lemon is about as easy as herding cats, but when paired with ginger, this super-packed Vitamin C boost becomes a treat for the little ones that’s tasty, healthy and natural.

Purchased in bulk from local Newrybar orchards, the lemons are processed by hand on site in our Byron Bay factory, ensuring the freshest juice possible. There is no commercially processed or pre-treated juice in Ginger Necktar. This means our customers are receiving the best nutrition and freshest product possible.

Fresh Water

Rather than harvesting water from our depleted underground and dammed reservoirs, Ginger Necktar utilises the very best of nature by collecting rainwater falling directly onto the factory roof. This rainwater is then stored in tanks at the factory, before being filtered and used in the juices.

Using ‘Grander’ water filtration technology, the water is then naturally purified and conditioned without placing strain on existing community water supplies.

Once the locally sourced ingredients have been juiced, filtered and mixed, purified water is added before these delicious drinks are bottled by hand.

Raw Unprocessed Honey

The bees around Byron work hard and there are a number of local apiaries who supply Ginger Necktar with this natural and healthy sweetener.

Using raw, unprocessed honey, Ginger Necktar products are able to harness the full potential of the powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties contained within. Honey is used here as a healthy addition, rather than adding it to the list of ingredients as a simple sweetener.

Unlike most honeys, buying direct from local apiaries means the health benefits of this beautiful nectar is not lost in the usual treatment process.


The gentler taste of cranberries has allowed our drinks to be accessible to a whole new range of customers.

For those looking for a milder taste, this naturally packed Vitamin C and antioxidant power berry is the perfect foil to the punchy taste of our Original Ginger Necktar drink. Working out how to juice them by hand without the factory looking like a scene from a bloody horror film was the trickiest part!

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